Ever had this experience of talking to a potential new client but they are still on the fence about purchasing? You end up giving them three reasons why they should purchase from you. So, let’s run through some ideas on how to increase your conversion rate through technical SEO services.

  1. Validate site elements before adding Google Analytics Tracking Code

Google Analytics Tracking Code is the backbone of Google Analytics which allows you to monitor website traffic. Before you can begin tracking traffic on your site, you need to validate site elements first to ensure that it works 100%.

Site validation ensures that all page URLs are present in the code, HTTPs protocol is used where necessary, time stamp shows when code was deployed and all parameters used in URLs are present.

Validation tools check if meta data, such as titles and descriptions, are accurately described to search engines. They also identify broken links on your site which will save you a lot of time if you ever spot them while crawling the web for competitor research.

Once identified, problems can be fixed immediately to prevent them from becoming bigger issues down the track.

  1. Remove broken links and minimize redirect chains when site moves URLs

Broken links cannot be ranked in search engines, so they pose a problem for crawlers constantly crawling your website to update index data with new content. To avoid losing ranking, you can fix these problems by removing the broken links and adding redirects where necessary.

Redirect chains (where one site redirects to another which then redirects to another) makes web crawlers more confused about current URL location, which could lead the website into a spiral of endless redirection that will not end well. You can read more about this in my previous post .

  1. Ensure robots.txt is accessible for crawlers across devices

Crawler access to your website could be limited by a robots.txt file which needs to be made publicly available even when accessed from a mobile device. If a crawler cannot access the site, it will not be able to crawl and index data on that particular site further leading to potential ranking problems.

One of the first steps to take is to test your site using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, which will give you an indication if there are any problems with how your website renders on mobile devices. You can then fix these issues by ensuring that robots.txt file is accessible for crawlers across devices.

  1. Fix crawl errors

Crawl errors could be related to pop-ups, login page or HTTPs protocol as well as other problems such as Javascript redirects which could lead to lost indexing. You need to fix these crawl issues so web crawlers can easily update data on your website’s pages and directories.

As an ecommerce store owner, you should also fix errors related to your product catalog, images and videos. These elements need to be accessible from all page URLs so crawlers can discover them for indexing. Working with a Baltimore SEO company would also help optimize your results as you are dealing with experts who have helped other businesses. 


Technical SEO: Tips to increase your conversion