In this article, I will try to cover the basics of the Raja Rani Yantra lottery. In general, spoken language is too ambiguous for unambiguous communication. We can’t really describe a room in isolation from the rest of our lives and expect people who haven’t seen it to have an accurate picture of what we are telling them.

Play Raja Rani Yantra Lottery:

Also because the Universe is a holistic system where everything is interconnected, I would encourage you to read other articles on the PlayMyLottery blog, which has a section dedicated entirely to how numbers work when drawing winning number combinations in lotteries [see the list here ]. Understanding these concepts [and universal laws] allows us to draw winning lottery tickets more easily and effortlessly each time we play. (The list will be growing as we go along too).

For now, all I want you to know is that the universe offers us a lot of free gifts every day and all we have to do is tune into them. They are everywhere around us but most people fail to even realize they exist, let alone taking advantage of their presence in our lives.

The Universe is chock full of opportunities for each one of us – we just need to open our eyes and see it so we can begin living the abundant life all human beings were destined for. That’s why Raja Rani Yantra Lottery was created – so everyone has a chance at winning without worrying about losing because there’s no such thing as failure, only results.


Raja Rani Yantra was created with the intention of taking away all the complications related to playing the lottery. So that it is not just about picking up a ticket and hoping for the best, but understanding how you can use this ancient technique for your benefit, maximizing the chances of winning to give us more options in life.

Enthralling Game:

The very simple principle behind this enthralling game is that everything in nature has its opposite – light and dark, positive and negative… Even death gives way to new life so it makes sense that there are two parts to every number between 0-9. Two triangles form one number each so at any given time there are 18 numbers on which you can win by combining the two triangles to make the required number.

The good thing about playing Raja Rani Yantra Lottery is that you get a free choice of numbers to play every day for 30 days. And if luck favors, 15 lucky winners share Rs 1 lakh while five mega prizes are up for grabs in this game’s daily draw.

Who is The Director Of ASC?

Nitin Chhabra, Director at Abhishek Sales Corporation says, “We have been providing this service since 2007 and it has proved really popular with our customers. For many, this was their first introduction to lotteries and there is no doubt about the fact that people love them.” There are also big cash prizes on offer in lottery games such as Mega Ganes



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