Unveiled this past April, Apple touts their iPad as a new paradigm for computing-selling 3 million units in the first 80 days on the market. Touch-screen tablet devices are proving to be one of the top tech gifts of the 2010 holiday season! IT Radix, LLC, of Randolph, New Jersey, offers some key insights into this new technology trend:


Watching a movie or relaxing with a good book are great ipad trade in value ways to pass the time while traveling on business. Thousands of copyright-free books are available for download through Project Gutenberg, and Apple’s iBook store has all the latest publications. A few publishers are already providing iPad versions of newspapers and magazines. iPad’s compact size is perfect for airline and train travel as it fits nicely on the small seat trays. Other key benefits are iPad’s large screen, light weight and low noise. They are also less vulnerable than laptops since they don’t heat up and they don’t have hard drives that can break with one bump. Frequent business traveler, Ken Annitti, of E&H Laminating, won’t leave home without his. “My iPad is a wonderful thing!” states Ken. “It eliminates the need for me to lug along my laptop, Kindle and iPod while traveling. As long as I have my iPad and Blackberry, I’m good to go!”


One of the biggest disadvantage of the iPad is its inability to display flash-based programs, making it incompatible with many websites. It also does not have a USB port, which means that if memory is full while you are traveling, you cannot download information to a stick to free up space. For tourists who like to pack light, iPads won’t replace all the gadgets they’d like to take along (i.e., mobile phones, cameras or video cameras).

Beware of Roaming Charges

Roaming charges can be very costly abroad, and surfing the Internet with an iPad using its UMTS card may cost you a pretty penny. As of July 1, the European Union (EU) has limited the amount phone customers can be charged while surfing the Internet away from their home countries-however, beyond the EU’s borders, there are no such rules. To protect yourself from an enormous telephone bill upon returning home, limit yourself to using the iPad’s WLAN function or buy a micro SIM card for the country you’re visiting (these cards are usually much cheaper than paying roaming charges).

Apple is in for a little friendly competition this holiday season. Google is teaming up with HTC and Verizon to produce the Chrome OS tablet that will run on Google’s Chrome operating system and is likely to be heavily subsidized for buyers who opt to purchase the device along with a monthly data plan from Verizon. Samsung is also launching another iPad competitor called the Galaxy Tab, that will run on Google’s Android operating system that is primarily designed for mobile phones.

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Holiday Travels With Your iPad