The problem you have when visiting a foreign country is knowing a good idea, a bad idea. We hope to make it a little easier by explaining some simple rules on how to get a pre-arranged licensed taxi before you leave home.
– Make sure the taxi company is licensed.
– Make sure you have a confirmed price.
– Make sure you have their contact details.
– Make sure to organize your return.

Licensed taxis

All taxis in the UK must be licensed by the local authority and so are drivers, this is for your safety. If you book by phone, be sure to ask or check their website for information regarding the fact that they are indeed licensed. Not many illegal taxis would even consider having a website, so they are quite likely to be licensed if they have a website of their own, this does not mean being in a directory that contains many companies, but on a website dedicated only to their service. A final check can always be done once you have arrived by making sure the vehicle has a license plate or plate indicating the licensing authority and taxi airport zaventem identifying the vehicle; if you are unsure be sure to ask the driver to show you like all licensed taxis in the UK. you must by law display such information. The driver must also have an identification card showing who they are and this must be issued by the same authority as the vehicle license.

Confirmed price

When making a reservation, the most important thing is to agree on a price and, if possible, to have it confirmed by email. UK law states that as long as a price is agreed before the trip it is binding, but be careful! Check more than one source for quotes as they can vary drastically and as long as you agree with the quote they can charge whatever they want! The sensible rule is to never choose the cheapest because, as the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is; Obviously, the same applies to the more expensive ones, as this is just a waste of money. You should also make sure your price includes all parking charges and waiting time charges for your airport pickup, as many companies try to avoid mentioning this to customers as they think they may not book if you ask. they report the actual cost. Have your details

Be sure to take note of their details as when you arrive in the UK you may need to contact them for any number of reasons such as baggage delay, immigration delay or just because you are a bit lost, you should also try to make sure Have your mobile phone number in case they need to call you and remember to turn it on when you land as you don’t want to go to the trouble of arranging a secure licensed taxi that you can’t find it.

Organize your return

It is always best to organize your trip back to the airport when you arrive, as you have taken the trouble to find a licensed and safe taxi that you are sure will be the best to have the same security when you return to the airport for your flight from Homecoming.
We hope you have found this information useful and if you follow these simple rules you should have a pleasant arrival and departure from the UK.

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